Reviews of Governance

Our Review of Governance is a non-threatening, developmental process involving guided discussions rather than questionnaire answer, supported by reviewing a number of key school documents to further inform our conversations and understanding of the school.

Qualitative analysis of the content of discussions is triangulated and forms the basis of the report which is structured to meet the needs of the school, identify areas of strength and areas for development and raise suggestions for further action.

All our reviews of governance are carried out by experienced governance development professionals all of whom also have extensive experience as Chairs of Governing Bodies. Our process is consistent with the framework developed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership consists of:

  • Discussion with the Chair and Headteacher to confirm the format and foci of the review;
  • Document review carried out partly before and partly during the review day;
  • Review day consisting of meetings with the Chair, Headteacher and Governors (separately or in small groups) and discuss the work of the Governing Body. These conversations will follow agreed trails relating to specific aspects of the Governors work, including, where requested, issues arising from the most recent Ofsted inspection;
  • Production of a draft report on the outcomes of the review, highlighting perceived strengths and areas for development;
  • Feedback meeting to discuss the report with the Chair, Headteacher and/or other Governors nominated by the Governing Body, to finalise the report and to support the Governing Body in responding to its conclusions.